I love sports and I love rivalries. There's something therapeutic about hating a piece laundry instead of a real person. It's like play fighting or slap boxing. It's not really serious but it allows us to channel emotions into a harmless thing that has no real impact on our lives. I'm aware some people take being a fan too far and make it real and to be honest I am probably guilty of that from time to time but as a whole sports are the best distraction there is. So when a star Dallas Cowboy like DeMarcus Lawrence decides not to sign an autograph for a kid in a Giants' jersey I'm good with it.

I think my favorite part of all of it is Lawrence adding perspective to it. "The kid will be okay, trust me. If not, I'll write a public apology for hurting his feelings. Other than that, hopefully he gets a DeMarcus Lawrence jersey for Christmas."

Plus we all know that this opens the door for Saquon Barkley to ride in on a white horse and give the kid an autograph cementing his love of the Giants and Barkley for the rest of his life.

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