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Giants’ Insider John Schmeelk On Eli and Jackrabbit [AUDIO]
John Schmeelk has covered the New York Giants as long as Eli Manning has been with the franchise. So he has a pretty in depth knowledge of not only the Giants but Eli Manning himself. Joh was nice enough to join Levack and Goz to give insight into what could be Eli's final game, Daniel Jones≈…
Giants’ Insider John Schmeelk On When OBJ And Barkley Will Play
John Schmeelk has been covering the New York Giants for years and also works for for so he gets insider information and player access. When we were at Giants' Training Camp thank to our friends at Labatt Blue, Schmeelk gave us what he believes will be the timetable for OBJ and Barkle…
What’s It Like Inside The Giants Headquarters? [AUDIO]
John Schmeelk works for the Giants and WFAN in the city, we reached out to see what the Giants' message is right now. Schmeelk has been one of our insiders for Big Blue for years now and though he works for the team he's still a very reliable source for Giants news.