John Schmeelk has been covering the New York Giants for years and also works for for so he gets insider information and player access. When we were at Giants' Training Camp thank to our friends at Labatt Blue, Schmeelk gave us what he believes will be the timetable for OBJ and Barkley to return to playing in an NFL game.

Simply put Schmeelk thinks if the regular season started tomorrow both players could and would be on the field. The Saquon Barkley hamstring injury is being given all the time in the world to heal because these games have no value at the moment. The Odell Beckham Jr contract issue doesn't seem to be an issue to people at Giants' camp. The belief is the deal will get done and both sides will be happy with it. Schmeelk seems to think OBJ would start the season with or without a new deal.

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