The New York Giants are off to a terrible and shocking start. The fact that they have began the season 0 - 5 was predicted by absolutely no one. Giants' Insider John Schmeelk has access to the team and reports of a "somber" mood in the locker room. I know what you're thinking, "No crap they're somber they're 0 - 5!" Think about this though, if they are indeed "Somber" then how will they pull out of the current tail spin they are in? No Odell Beckham Jr, No Brandon Marshall and no Dwayne Harris.

Schmeelk wouldn't speculate on the potential hot seats for either Ben McAddo or Jerry Reese but it's hard to see a future where they both survive this season. The otther person to worry about is quarterback Eli Manning. If the Giants have a top three pick will they find Eli's replacement?

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