Jose Canseco

I’m Worried About Jose Canseco
When looking for "villains" in the world of sports former MLB slugger Jose Canseco is a pretty easy target. This is the man that not only cheated his way into the record books and awards with steroids, he then wrote a tell-all book outing everyone that cheated like he did. Now watching Can…
Jose Canseco Rudely Introduces A-Rod To Twitter
Usually, when any of us write pieces on regarding former baseball player / steroid cheat Jose Canseco, it's because he is once again on suicide watch. However, this afternoon we present the comedic side of Mr. Canseco in one simple phrase.
Can Jose Canseco Save The Home Run Derby?
The Home Run Derby has lost some of its luster in recent years. Major League Baseball has tried to tinker with the format of the event in an effort to make it more exciting, however it still doesn’t have the same appeal as it did when Griffey was winning it in his backwards hat, or even when McGuire…