When looking for "villains" in the world of sports former MLB slugger Jose Canseco is a pretty easy target. This is the man that not only cheated his way into the record books and awards with steroids, he then wrote a tell-all book outing everyone that cheated like he did. Now watching Canseco's recent Twitter activity makes me wonder what's next for the self-proclaimed Sasquatch hunter.

Here Canseco decides he'd like to be a bare-knuckle fighter:

Anyone else starting to feel bad for "Morgan."

Ok so here's where I wander into the crazy with Mr. Canseco. I decided to have a little fun based on a small grammar flub but when I realized Canseco would like to be president now and thinks Aliens will help him end racism, I couldn't walk away.

Canseco 6-5

Here's where I need your help. Considering that this Tweet from Canseco was three minutes after my surveillance joke, could this be a threat in my directions? Or am I just becoming as crazy as Jose is?

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Jose Canseco Signs Copies Of His Book "Juiced"
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