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Is Gardner Minshew The Best QB Drafted In 2019?
It's very difficult to truly judge an NFL Draft for two maybe three years but in this modern age of the NFL, QBs don't have three years to prove themselves. So which of the 11 QBs selected in the 2019 NFL Draft is doing the best right now?
What Are The Odds Giants’ QB Could Be Rookie Of The Year?
The reaction to the New York Giants' first selection in the 2019 NFL Draft have been anything but great. So here's the question where do Odds Makers rank Daniel Jones on their Rookie Of The Year odds? Is it worth suspending your disbelief in where he was picked and possibly placing a wager…
Will The New York Giants Draft Kyler Murray?
The on going debate of "Will the Giants draft their QB in this draft?" kicks up a notch now that Kyler Murray is all in on the NFL. The Giants currently have the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. With two potential QB's going in the top ten picks would the Giants consider taking…