Does Daniel Jones Have A Chance To Win Rookie Of The Year?
The journey that New York Giants' Rookie Quarterback Daniel Jones has been on since being drafted by the Giants has been a roller coaster to say the least. When the former Duke QB was called with the 6th overall pick of this year's draft he was boo'd and fans were anything but recepti…
Levack's NFL Week 7 Leans, Picks At First Glance
Last week kicked me in the butt. I was trying to be the smartest guy in the room and I was not! So going into Week 7 I'm going to try to get back to what works for me. Remember these are my "Leans" meaning it's my first reaction to this weeks games. My Locks will be out Thursday.
Are The Yankees The Favorites To Win The World Series?
The Final Four of the MLB is set. The NLCS is the St Louis Cardinals vs the Washington Nationals and the ALCS is the Houston Astros vs the New York Yankees. Now that the teams are set who does Las Vegas think will win it all? The short answer is the Houston Astros and it isn't close.
History Is Not On The Giants Side This Thursday
This Thursday when the New York Giants face the New England Patriots, Big Blue will be the biggest underdogs in their history. The Giants have never been a 16.5 point underdog before and based on numbers compiled by SportsBetting.AG the Giants don't fare so well as double digit dogs.
Levack's NFL Week 6 First Impression Leans
Every week I spend some time on Tuesday going through the NFL games and making notes on my initial thoughts. I call these "Leans" because they aren't my Locks but it's good to use them to compare to my notes later in the week. Here are my first glance thoughts on this week's…
Levack's Knee Jerk Picks For Week 5 Of The NFL Season
These are not my final takes and certainly not my Locks. Now that week four of the NFL season is over let's take a look at week five. What I do every Tuesday is go through the games and write down my first reaction, then Thursday I go back through the games and see what has changed before I mak…
What Teams Are Worth Betting To Win The World Series?
With the Wild Cards games just a day away it's time to start looking at the possible returns on betting teams to win the World Series. Below is the odds for each team that's made it through 162 regular season games and advanced to the Post Season.
All The NFL Injuries Have Effected The Super Bowl Odds
With some of the best quarterbacks in the league missing significant time the Vegas odds have changed drastically. New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees will miss about six weeks and Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger is done for the year. Below are how these injuries have changed the …
How Will The Antonio Brown Saga Play Out?
The Oakland Raiders Vs Antonio Brown Saga is one of the craziest stories in recent history. The Raiders traded a 3rd and 5th round pick to get ab from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only did they give up picks but they reworked his contract to give him aboud $30 million guaranteed. Then frostbite, hel…
Which New York NFL Player Has The Best Odds To Win The MVP?
The three New York NFL teams all have young talent but do any of the three teams have a player ready to win the MVP this season? The New York Giants, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills don't have a player getting great odds from Las Vegas but if you're brave enough you might be able to win bi…
Latest MLB Post Season And World Series Odds
With the MLB postseason rapidly approaching, there's still time to wager on who will make the post season and if your favorite team will win the World Series. The National League Wild Card is scheduled for October 1st!
A Proper Amount Of NFL Prop Bets
The NFL Season is almost here and since we can legally wager this season I thought I would share some fun prop bets. Thanks to www.BetOnline.ag here are a bunch of random team and position based prop bets.

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