It will be weird won't it? Watching football in 2016 with no Peyton Manning.

The all-time great quarterback announced his retirement shortly after his Denver Broncos helped him win his second Super Bowl this season. Denver defeated the Carolina Panthers in San Francisco.

Despite Peyton's absence on the field, he is not done being a pitchman or commercial star.

He doesn't even appear in this commercial, but it's still centered on him. Check out this new Gatorade ad:

That's some powerful stuff right there that highlights Peyton's generosity, care and love for the people in his life.

People featured in the video include his father Archie, brother Eli and Derek Jeter. Broncos teammate Demaryius Thomas and former Colts teammate Jeff Saturday were also present. Former college coach David Cutcliffe and former Colts head coach Tony Dungy are also there.

Peyton Manning met some backlash right before he retired as a reported sexual assault case from 20 years ago resurfaced, but this commercial highlights the good Manning has done for so many people.

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