Tim Tebow Endorses TiVo [VIDEO]
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is the new spokesperson for TiVo.  I personally think Mark Sanchez would’ve done a much better job in this ad.  (Kidding.)
NFL Week One – Best And Worst QB Performances
During the course of Week One for the 2012 NFL season, we saw some quarterbacks take care of business, while others helped set the game about twenty to thirty years. Who do you think had the best and worst quarterback performances from all of the Week One action...
Two Dumb Oakland Raider Quarterbacks
What a quandry the Oakland Raiders find themselves in. 2 QB's who have done nothing and yet think they are good.
1st there is the delusional and OVER RATED Carson Palmer. The latest from this over rated BUST is that both the Raiders and Bengals made out in the trade last year that landed the hol…

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