A poll conducted by Sports Illustrated reveals that 34% of NFL players consider Tim Tebow to be the league’s most overrated athlete.

It’s not a huge shocker to find out that Tim Tebow’s peers consider him to be overrated.  Sports Illustrated asked 180 NFL players who the league’s most overrated player is.  Tebow received 34% of the votes.  Again, not a huge shocker.

I hear fans say that Tim Tebow is a “great football player” all of the time.  It’s ridiculous.  The guy has seen the football field sparingly this season as a member of the New York Jets.  He’s a backup quarterback who plays on special teams and occasionally on offense.  That’s how much a “great football player” is used?

However you feel about Tim Tebow the football player, the guy is an absolute lightning rod.  He makes the sport more interesting as well as the New York Jets.  Listen to the Jets host the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at 1:00pm ET.  Pregame coverage begins at Noon on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio.

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