I Love The NFL’s New Replay Rule
When the NFL finally does end the lockout, there will be a new replay rule that will go into effect this season.
And quite frankly, I love the new rules!
Nine Bandwagon Fan Rules
I hate Bandwagon sports fans.  There's nothing worse than a guy that like all of the top teams with no regard for logic.  One of my good friends, Greg, is a Yankees fan, a Dallas Cowboys fan, a Notre Dame Football fan, an LA Lakers fan and a UNC Basketball fan.  But he's from the Capital Region!
To p…
MLB Home Plate Collision Rules Shouldn’t Be Changed
A couple of night's ago, San Francisco All-Star catcher Buster Posey suffered a fracture in his lower left leg on a collision at the plate with Florida's Scott Cousins.
The All-Star catcher was put on the disabled list with a broken fibula and severely strained ligaments in his left ankle and could m…
Ohio State Should Be Ashamed
So let me get this straight, five Ohio State players got suspended for almost half of next season but can still play in tonight’s Sugar Bowl?