No longer will fans be able to interfere with the professional golf from home. Good riddance.

If you've been watching golf over the past few years, you probably heard about or saw several instances where people called in from home to call rules violations on players. If you're like me, you've thought it's obnoxious and unfair to players, who sometimes don't even learn about it when they are still on the course.

Some purists might say that a penalty is a penalty and if you break the rules, you deserve to be penalized whether it is seen by officials on the course, the players, or someone calling in from their recliner at home. I get it, I really do, but it's simply unfair to the players to be in the dark about what penalty may or may not be called on them based on what someone saw on their TV at home.

Will this result in unpenalized rules violations? Maybe. But for the good of the game, the good of the players, and the good of those of us watching at home only to see penalty strokes added from out of nowhere, I'm happy to see this done away with officially. The last thing we need is the result of a major to be overturned or decided behind the scenes with phone calls and video monitors.

Greg Harig caught up with Roger Wyland of Big Board Sports to explain the rule change before the two talk about Tiger's recent return to competitive golf.

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