This week we are crowning a champion in our #CapitalRegionGreatestSportsMomentBracket and we wanted to make sure to hear from so people about those events and we could not think of anyone better than Rick Bennett himself, coach of the Union Hockey Team in 2014. And for the Blatnick side, we got a wrestler he coached here in the Capital Region who is also trying to win a Gold Medal.

Rick Bennett

Nick Gwiazdowski


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: It’s unfortunate Justin Rohrwasser has to deal with his controversial tattoo before he even puts on a New England Patriots uniform.  He should be celebrating being a 5th round pick of the Patriots as a kicker, instead he’s denying any knowledge of what the logo he has tattooed to his right forearm stands for. I believe Rohrwasser when he says he thought he was supporting the Military and not a right-wing Militia group. The Clifton Park native who kicked at Holy Trinity High School and then Rhode Island and Marshall, is doing the right thing by having it removed. All the controversy surrounding the tattoo won’t go away completely, but it will calm down.

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