Basketball has always been a common bond between the Fredette brothers. TJ has always been Jimmer's biggest fan and, at times, biggest motivator going back to "the contract." This summer, while Jimmer continues to work his back to the NBA, the Fredette brothers are teaming up as general manager (TJ) and coach (Jimmer) in The Basketball Tournament. The Glens Falls natives have built a team that includes some of Jimmer's former teammates at BYU and in the D-League. You'll also find Gloversville's EJ Gallup on the squad.

The winner-take-all $2 million tournament is a 64-team field made up of automatic and at-large bids. 9 teams from all 4 regions will get automatic bids based on popularity. Team Fredette is in the West region and you can vote for it on

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