I could end the post right here and I have said it all. However no chance would I leave it that simple.

As a lifetime Met fan watching a Met totally whitewash an opponent is nice. Real nice. To do it against a long time foe makes it that much sweeter. My dislike for the Cardinals goes back to 1985. But this is about watching a baseball Warrior end 51 years of frustration and close calls.

Johan thank you for doing something that Seaver, Kooseman, Matlack, Ryan, Saberhagen, Viola, Darling, Gooden and many others came close to but couldn't get it done.

Johan thank you for showing that a pitcher can still fight through 9 innings when he could have taken an easy way out. To think that only a few months ago your career was in doubt. Thank you for having a bulldog mentality and never giving up.

Johan thank you for telling the manager Terry Collins, who had to have been just twisting with a tough decision for making for him. Thank you for not taking yourself out of the ball game.

Johan thank you for  having baseball's best changeup. Man what a pitch. I have said it a number of times the best pitch in baseball is the changeup. Making professional hitters look foolish is great to watch.

Johan thank you for  leading the Mets back to respectability. I don't expect the Mets to stay in the race all year. I believe their Bullpen will be their undermining. On this special night that pen wasn't needed. I was wrong about these Mets. Their attention to detail, willingness to sacrifice for the team,ability to get big hits but mostly their ability to do those little things makes this team fun to watch. The fact that they were tied for the division lead after 55 games  is a shock to me and many others.

But Johan my biggest thanks is for giving me another great Baseball moment to share with my dad. A lifelong Mets fan it is the 1 team we have in common. Dad is a Giant fan-me a Jets fan. Dad likes the Islanders-me I love the Rangers. But our great bond has always been baseball. We went to many many many games and shared a love for this ballclub for  over 40 years. My dad is now close to 80 and for him to see this moment and for me to be able to share it with him was priceless. It was magical like no moment  we have had baseball wise for a few years. It is hard to explain that seeing this game, talking with dad on the phone while this incredible game unfolded and you refused to leave the ball game was amazing. Dad and I debated  whether you should stay in the game. We agreed yes you should. We also agonized with Terry Collins about making that choice.

Johan thank you for giving me a baseball moment-A Met moment to share with my pops, a Met fan since day 1. You made my dads day(and mine) Johan I thank you a thousand times over!

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