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Doc Gooden Training For Celebrity Boxing Match [VIDEO]
New York Mets and Yankees' legend Dwight "Doc" Gooden has had some well documented rough days since his MLB career. The latest chapter in Doc's life scares me as much for his health as any of those other issues. The 54 year old Gooden is training to box 29 year old "Nitro Co…
Matt Harvey Is Must-See
Pitchers in their prime or when they first come up gather crowds to stadiums and increase ratings on television sets like no tomorrow.  Think Dwight Gooden, Felix Hernandez, Fernando Valenzuela, Johan Santana, Roy Halladay, Justin Verlander, Stephen Strasburg.  Add Matt Harvey to the list.
Thank You Johan! Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I could end the post right here and I have said it all. However no chance would I leave it that simple.
As a lifetime Met fan watching a Met totally whitewash an opponent is nice. Real nice. To do it against a long time foe makes it that much sweeter...