Father's Day is on Sunday, and whether you are 14, 24, or 54 years old, you should take the opportunity to share some stories and thank your father -- or that father-figure in your life -- for all they have done for you.

Because if your dad is like my dad, he gave you your love and appreciation for sports. A love and appreciation that will never waver, and will always keep you connected despite age difference or distance apart.

Whether it was taking you to pro games so you could see how the games were played, playing catch with you after he was tired and worn out from work, or shooting hoops in the driveway until way past the sun had set -- your dad has done it all.

So this weekend, think about your favorite sports memories. How many of them involve your dad? I bet most of them.

For me? My dad and I went to Game 1 of the 2005 World Series between the White Sox and Astros. We made special stops on vacations just to take in games. And when I finally beat him at 1-on-1 it represented among the greatest achievements in my life.

And while a few weeks ago I wrote about how awesome my experience was at the Cooperstown Classic, talking and playing with marquee ex-big leaguers, I think my best athletic memory is just playing catch with my dad.

It's an experience that started when I was two years old, and it just gets better every time we throw the ball around.

Thanks, Dad.