What did you get your dad for Father's Day? Maybe it was a round of golf, a new tool for the workshop, tickets to a baseball game. The list of possibilities is endless. Very few kids, however, were able to give the kind of gift that Tom Huerter received from his son, Kevin, on Sunday.

In case you missed it, Huerter EXPLODED for a team-high 27 points in the Atlanta Hawks Game 7 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, 103-96. In 40 minutes of time on the court, Huerter shot 10-for-18 from the field, knocking down two three-pointers, and hitting five of seven free throws. This includes three straight late in the game, after he was fouled while shooting a three.

The Huerter family was unable to attend the game in Philly in-person, but that didn't stop Tom and the family from watching every minute of the game from their living room, a tradition they will continue later on this week.

For the proud dad, this wasn't "Kevin the NBA star", this was his son, whom he's been with on every step of this incredible journey.

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Tom was generous enough to join us on The Drive earlier this afternoon, and he fielded questions about his son, as every proud dad would. He told us that no matter what, win, lose or draw, Kevin will always call home after games, and begin every conversation not about the NBA GAME HE JUST PLAYED, but by asking about the family. This is a busy family, with younger siblings currently realizing their potential in the basketball world.

He answered his postgame interview questions quite insightfully, said Mr. Huerter, dodging trick questions and giving honest answers about his team, and their perceived naiveté heading into these playoffs. He passed the test with flying colors, showing the poise of an NBA veteran.

Now, Kevin's focus moves to the Milwaukee Bucks, as his Hawks battle one of the other four remaining team's in the hunt for this year's NBA title. The Huerter parents will be on a flight to Milwaukee early Wednesday morning, arriving in time to see their son play, before returning to the Capital Region. There's a graduation coming up in the family, too.

So, for Friday's Game 2, the family will once again be in their living room, watching their son and/or brother, Kevin, make them proud once again.

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