A tale as old as time...a son surprising a father for Father's Day.

I came across a tweet yesterday from an account I didn't follow, but that had a picture of a man in Knicks gear. Curious, I read the tweet. Here it is...

I reacted a few different ways. It's heartwarming to see a father and a son together during a time like this, and my assumption was they weren't able to see each other as much during COVID. Then, when he mentions that his father needed to get back in time to see the game, I REALLY identified with that. Birthday parties, weddings, radio shows...whoops, scratch that last one...there's always a game to get home for. Then, the last line gave it away. This person, whom I have never met and may never meet in my life, had a huge surprise for his father as an early Father's Day gift. I was right.

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Here's the "after" photo, so to speak:

The son in question, who goes by "Draft" on his Twitter account, brought his dad to MSG, got one of the limited-capacity tickets available for Round One, and surprised his dad with them for Father's Day. I can only imagine the last time this gentleman was able to go to a Knicks game in-person, and his son made it happen.

Even though it ended up being the last game of the season for the Knicks, I bet that's the least upset this guy has ever been about a Knick loss.

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