Being that we are so lucky to be neighboring with states like Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey, I figured we need to lay down the law on driving.

Just as in biblical times these are must follow laws and rules of the road. At the least should be common sense ones. Here are your 10 commandments for driving in the Capital Region.



  • I. Thou Shall Know Your Exits

    Whether it be 787, The Northway or I 90, we are all encountered on a daily basis with a driver who must be in the fast lane and all of a sudden get into the exit lane within a matter of 100 feet. This, one may cause you to miss your exit and two will potentially cause an accident trying to move over three lanes so quickly.

  • II. Thou Shall Use Western Ave.

    Western Ave is a bit sucky, we know. However when you have accidents all the time on the Crossgates Mall ramp, it actually can be quicker. I personally think the ramp into the mall should have at least 2 lanes. If you see the ramp backed up, use Western Ave.

  • III. Thou Shall Understand Route 9 is Not For Thru Traffic

    Now no this isn't a actual law. Everyday, the Northway northbound and southbound are always backed up. How about we leave route 9 to be kind of a carpool lane huh?

  • IV. Thou Shall Study Traffic Circles

    Love em or hate em, traffic circles actually do cut down on time. It sure can beat sometimes sitting at a light for minutes. The biggest issue is, nobody knows how to use them. THOU SHALL STUDY!

  • V. Thou Shall Make Way To Those Avoiding Pot Holes

    Listen, we have some bad roads in the Capital Region. I have one road I travel on every day that has a couple hundred feet of pure pot hole hell. Everyday someone trying to cut me off while I am saving the rims and suspension of my vehicle.

  • VI. Thou Shall Follow Speed Limits

    Ok, I don't always drive the speed limit. Most times I am a comfortable 5 miles per hour over the limit. No cop will pull you over for that. Be understanding in certain areas especially around the twins where cops always sit and even though you think it is a 65, in reality it is a 55 and now you have a ticket for 72 in a 55.

  • VII. Though Shall Know How To Drive In The City

    As per the opposite highway driving, lets look at city speed limits as sort of a minimum. If you are driving 27 in a 30 in the city expect flashing high beams and honking horns. Trust me, 35 is completely acceptable.

  • VIII. Thou Shall Plan Their Trip If During Rush Hour

    We all hate rush hour. This doesn't give you the right to be a total butt and try to weave in and out of stop and go traffic because you are late to work. Should have left the house sooner.

  • IX. Thou Shall Move Over

    This law is one to protect the brave men and women who earn their living on the side of the road, don't be that guy. Move over for Police, EMT's, Firemen and tow truck drivers.

  • X. Thou Shall Not Tailgate

    Just don't, If you are someone who does just imagine how maddening it would be if you were being tailgated. Its aggravating and a lot of times can cause accidents. I personally will look in my mirror seeing a person tailgating me just to not see the car in front of me braking. Not cool.

  • Are these 10 commandments accurate? Have a suggestion for one? Let us know in the comments.

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