I admit award shows just don't do it much for me anymore. Voting that allows people to jam a " ballet box" just doesn't seem like a good way to decide best, worst, and in between in my humble opinion. Good thing our elections aren't figured the same way the American Idols of the world are decided, and the ESPY"s as another example.

Here is what I liked about the ESPY's- Chris Berman was only on the stage for a few seconds. his act is old and tired to me. Thrilled he isn't doing the British Open. Leave that to great broadcasters like Mike Tirico to handle.

I have no qualms with team of the year. The Miami Heat did win the 2nd most consecutive games in NBA history, and outdid any other of the mmajors 4 sports in winning streaks, in addition to winning the NBA title.

The piece on the Hoyt family from Boston was well done. Truly an inspirational story of a father ( Dick Hoyt) who not only didn't put his young son ( Rick Hoyt) in an institution because of cerebral palsy as was recommended but rather has given his son as good a life as can be had under the circumstances. The father-son team run marathons, with father Hoyt pushing his son in a special vehicle. The Hoyt's, from Boston, competed in the recent Boston marathon that turned into a terrorist attack nightmare. It was to be their last race. Instead they say they will compete in the 2014 Boston Marathon. The Hoyt boys won the Jimmy V award for perseverance.

I like that American swimmer Michael Phelps won several awards. I was never a big fan of swimming, but Phelps and Missy Franklin to name 2 converted me. I can't wait till the next Summer Olympics and the swimming events.

There were other things that were done well in my view, but none of them were from the host Jon Hamm. He was brutal in my opinion. Seemed forced with his jokes. Where is Billy Crystal when you need him?

I admire Robin Roberts courage for sure. Anyone that goes through the hell she has with her health issues has major courage and guts. That is inspirational and everyone should watch the lessons of those who despite adversity, don't quit but fight back. Hard! However i don't understand what that has to do with sports? She was a sports caster for ESPN but now works for ABC and Good Morning America. Mind you no deep opposition but what is the sports tie in in the present?

The "bits" for the most part were foolish. The hypocrisy of the politically correct makes me wince. The bit on the "great start" program was awful. ESPN is the leader in hypocrisy and political correctness, well until they want to be " Un-pc". Talking to kids about "  Hoochie mama's and weed"? Really ESPN? is it not true if it were done on TV or 1 of their owned and operated radio stations they would be outraged? sure it would. I know of real life situations where the sanctimonious ESPN head honchos either fired people, suspended people, or expressed " outrage" doing nearly the same thing. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!

Seemed to me a few times ESPN was sort of mocking gays. isn't this the same network with the same ideology that frowns on that sort? of course it is. Do as I say not as I do pap.

The award I had the most issue with was female athlete of the year. How Serena won that over that adorable and incredible gymnast Debbie Gibson is beyond me. Oh that's right ESPN carries much more tennis. My bad.

Overall I give the whole production a 2 out of a 5 on my scorecard. If there had been any other good TV on I would have watched that instead. I was dying for a  Cold case or Law and Order marathon.


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