I hear so many pundits and fans claim " This is the best weekend for NFL fans" and I have to shake my head and say " Nooooooo." How can 4 games be better then 16 games? Bad trade!

Now before you get all heated sure it's win or go home I get that but not only do we get 10-12 less games it also means we only have 2 weekends left after this in the football season. 3 if you count the pro bowl and if you do you have issues. The end of seasons I never rejoice. Now having bloviated  let's get into the games in the league they pay for play.

At the start of the season I picked Baltimore vs Denver in the AFC title game. I get that game a week early. I selected Baltimore to win that game and I will stick with that pick. However I am concerned that the Ravens victory over the Colts in Ray Lewis's last home game almost seemed as Baltimore celebrated as they seemed satisfied not losing that game. That troubles me. But I made the pick and I will sleep in that bed. make no mistake the Ravens have a solid chance to win this game. When you have Ray Rice and if you use him correctly which is to use him you can beat anyone. Rice's 2 fumbles  against Indianapolis are of no concern. Rice rarely turns  the ball over and that was a rare blemish. Baltimore has enough weapons to pull off this upset. I am a bit surprised the line is so high ( 9.5) but then again I was surprised that Notre Dame was a 9.5 dog. If the Ravens can neutralize the Denver rush they will win this game. Baltimore 27  Denver 24....

I so badly want to pick Houston. Oh so badly. But I am afraid of Houston right now. I am not a fan of Gary Kubiak, don't like the way they are playing, not sure I can trust Matt Shaub, and don't buy into the supposed bulletin board material provided by a Boston sports writer who claimed in not exact words that Houston would be a bye for the Patriots. Oh patriot fan let me take you back to a Monday night a few years ago and you humiliated my beloved Jets. Yeah a few weeks later in the same stadium the Jets took down the Pats and went to the AFC title game. Funny thing is I think this Houston team might be better then the Jets were and the Patriots not as good. But it is chewing on me to take the Texans. Hmmmmm. Not gonna do it. Pats 31 Texans 23...

You have to love these NFC match ups. Big time ball  at hand. At the start I had San Francisco vs the Giants. I am staying with the 49ers and feel ok about that. I still believe they have the most talent and depth. I am worried though that Jim Harboughs switch to Colin Kapernick will backfire. Aaron Rogers is playing well. This is a mismatch. However I look for San Fran to run Frank Gore plenty, control the clock, not try to get into a shootout with the Packers and win this game 24-21. The Packers defense is playing much better. See last week holding Adrian Peterson to "only" 99 yards. But even before that Green Bay had tightened up the D saving the regular season finale vs Minnesota. I just think the Niners will tough their way to a win behind a solid offensive line and the under rated in my opinion Gore..

I mean what a match up between the team that is desperate to rid the tag of best team not to win a playoff game in the Falcons vs the hottest team and most dangerous team in the SeaHawks. I mean wow. Wow. Wow. You have to be salivating for this game. I know I am. I kinda root for Matt Ryan but he keeps coming up against the odds. Last year it was the Giants and now the Hawks. The red hot Hawks. The Russell Wilson led Hawks. Losing Chris Clemens is  a huge loss for Seattle. This game comes down to the  Falcs great wide receivers vs the Hawks very solid corners and really entire defensive backfield. Let me say it again. Wow! I am going to ride the Hawks another game ( You are welcome Donna). Inside joke my friends. I will go Hawks 30 Falcons 27. I can't believe Tony Gonzales has never won a playoff game. That blows me away.

You know I think I have changed my mind a bit. This is a great weekend of NFL playoff football. After a lackluster start I expect this weekend to be brilliant.