Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms.This week's segment was back to it's usual spot after last week's road show.

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Check out this week's top ten list below. (Don't forget you have until 4pm Thursday to potentially add your social media message to the list)

Dave-Love the new show Chris and Ashley

Steven-I’m actually ok with this. It’s a bye trap site game, and it’s being played on Week 0, so it’s sort of a non-traditional event already.

Marcus-What do you think Goz should I be worried as a 49ers fan ?

Jimmy FB on the Know-the baker/ jones thing would be like if Chris Onarato said he was surprised ESPN Radio renewed  @THEjefflevack 's contract.

DRB-Hey- the XFL is going to kickoff with or without you

Mike Allen-Is this before or after the Jeff Levack and Goz ring ceremony?

Empire Breaks-What are you going to do when Johnny Football is slinging the ball for the Tampa Bay Vipers in the  @xfl2020 ? It will be that day you will have to pledge allegiance to Vince McMahon lol.

Kool K-Gozz should come out in the Wild Thing Rick Vaughn jersey

Botchy-da Yankees should sing nolen Ryan out retirement. These other dudes all weenies;


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