With the NFC East continuing to be one of the worst divisions in football, it seemed as if the division was wide open. An Alex Smith injury and a Cowboys Thanksgiving win later and the narrative of a potential Giants playoff berth has begun to rise. A win this Sunday against the Eagles and that speculation will skyrocket. Here is my case as to why this is not a blasphemous thought:

  • Pedigree. Say what you want about Eli Manning but he has shown the side of himself that knows how to win the last couple of games. Sure the Niners and Bucs are no wins to brag about but the Giants and Eli found a way to win and it is all about a 'survive and advance' mentality at this point.
  • Victor Cruz recently said on NFL Live that the Giants are now reminding him of the team back in 2011 that won the Super Bowl. Granted that statement does feel a little outlandish but we've always said this team has the weapons to succeed. Put me down as a believer though because playing loose and with 'house money' can transcend being outmatched sometimes.
  • Saquon Barkley. Plain and simple, he is a game changer. Look, the Cowboys have Zeke and many believe he is the difference for Dallas in becoming the now favorites to win the NFC East. Barkley is better than Elliott. I personally don't think it is even a debate at this point but feel free to disagree (Twiiter @EricH1045).
  • Last but not least, they have division games to control their own destiny. Sure they also have games against Chicago, Tennessee and Indianapolis. They can lose at most one of those games, but just logistically they have the opportunity to beat Philly, Washington and possibly a winner take all game in week 17 against Dallas that would go a long way of defeating the odds and making the playoffs.

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