The first thing you need to know about this place is that it’s older than the United States of America. We’d be shocked if it wasn’t haunted.

If you’ve ever driven by the Old Stone Fort, it may have reminded you of a church. That’s because it was one. This building has lived many different lives since its construction in 1772. For just under a decade, the building served out its initial purpose as the community’s local church. Later, it would become a fixture in two wars fought on American soil.

During the Revolutionary War, the church morphed into a military fort, shielding soldiers from the horror of battle. Local legend says a cannon ball imprint still exists on the structure’s exterior.

In the midst of the Civil War, the building’s duties changed. Soldiers then used the once-church as an armory for their weapons and supplies.

The fort is currently owned by the Schoharie Historical Society where a museum operates. If you’re brave enough to visit this relic of American history, you may witness some supernatural activity. In the fort, people have heard the church organ playing itself, seen apparitions, and heard disembodied voices. But you knew that was coming, right?

Revolutionary War
Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images

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