We all know that the Capital Region is haunted. Here's further evidence.

Credit: Jess Hudson
Credit: Jess Hudson
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    Forest Park Cemetery - Brunswick

    This place is even scary to write about. Forest Park, aka Pinewoods Cemetery, is so famously haunted that it made it into Life Magazine as one of the top haunted places in the U.S. Not only did it secure a spot in the popular mag - it was also referred to as the 'Gateway to Hell' in the article. The cemetery is no longer open to the public, and has experienced neglect (which, let's be honest, makes it way more creepy). People have reported seeing headless statues bleeding from the neck, and hearing the sounds of screaming and crying. There is also an old tale of a 'vanishing girl'. Apparently, once upon a time, a taxi driver picked up a girl who was looking to go home. Once the driver passed Pinewoods, the girl vanished from the car.

    Hope you're not reading this right before bed.

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    Sage College - Albany

    Certain buildings we now call the Sage College of Albany were at one time called the Albany Home for Children / Albany Orphan Asylum in 1829. There's a lot of loss attached to this story. Apparently, a large fire in the basement of one of these buildings killed many residents in the 19th century. It's said that the caretaker of the building set the fire, but I couldn't find confirmation on that. Regardless, it's said that the victims from the fire and the caretaker all haunt the grounds. In addition, it is rumored that shallow graves were discovered when construction began on the college's campus.

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    Old Stone Fort - Schoharie

    First of all, this building is older than the United States of America. This old church has played roles in two different wars - in the Revolution it was used as a fort, and in the Civil War it was used as an armory. Ghost Hunters visited here, too! Here, people have witnessed the church organ playing itself, yelling and screaming, and apparitions. Aside from all that, this building is actually a really cool relic of American history. Being in its third century of existence, just imagine the things it's seen. Apparently, there are cannonball remnants still in its wall. It's definitely easy to believe this place is haunted.

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    Van Dyck Lounge - Schenectady

    The Stockade in Schenectady is notoriously haunted, and the Van Dyck is right in the epicenter. In the mid 20th century, the Van Dyck was actually a hoppin' Jazz club and brothel, home to many popular musicians. Featuring many live musical acts even today, a glimmer of the past stays alive. Let's get down to the creepiness- apparently, someone who worked at the old Jazz club/brothel was killed right in the stairwell of the Van Dyck. If you've ever been there, you know that the stairwell basically greets you right at the door. Creepy!

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    Albany Rural Cemetery - Albany

    You know that story about how Washington Park used to be a huge cemetery? Well, the Albany Rural Cemetery is where all those exhumed bodies ended up. So, the Albany Rural Cemetery was already in existence when this mass-exodus happened, and had to make way for new bodies. As if this doesn't scream 'haunted' enough, there's more. There have been other tales told of the cemetery, too. For instance, this cemetery has been the site of many suicides - there are reports of one woman poisoning herself with arsenic here, and another of a sad widow committing suicide next to her husband's grave. There is, no doubt, a lot of unrest here.

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