For the final time in the year 2018, Levack and Goz bring you  "Socially Awkward Media". The segment has become many listeners' favorites as it is always so unpredictable.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week from 1045 The Team's social media platforms.  .Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't. Below is who made this week's Top 10 list. Plus listen to Levack and Goz's reaction to some of the tweets below.

Stan-Noooooooooo. Lazy punk. We already have one.


Michael D-You already have one slacker sancheese why not add another


Michael L-Marty is trash fam


Nick-Goz, this Syracuse team is simply not good. Getting out hustled and out coached in all 4 losses and even some of the wins. Frustrating to watch.


Electric Rob-Maybe he’s colorblind and just couldn’t see the bills colors. Things could be different With the raiders


Liam-give this man a hug...and a new phone!


Warm Sundae-Taco Bell? Really? 1999 called. It wants its tacos back.


Daniel-Did Goz ask him his go to Taco Bell order?


Alan-favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard idc what anyone says it’s a Xmas movie involves a holiday and it’s snowing!
Levack-Old Man Tom paid off our Chargers Chiefs bet. “We never said how big the bottle of Jack had to be!” #GrumpyOldMan

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