This past January, Levack and Goz embarked on their second journey to Radio Row for the lead up to the Super Bowl. In the shows leading up to the guys traveling together, Levack had said something along the lines of Goz only needing a fanny pack to add his ensemble of looking like the nerdiest plane traveler of all time. Well the fanny pack myth build for weeks after that. In fact, Goz's punishment for losing to Levack's daughter in the March Madness challenge will be to wear a fanny pack all show long dressed as a 1990s version of the Rock.

Yesterday, on Levack and Goz two surprise guests dropped by the show to give Goz a gift. David and Alyssa from Lily & David Fine Jewelers in the Wilton Mall, presented Goz with an official "Lily and David Goz Fanny Pack". So for the record Goz now has bough an engagement, a wedding band and was given a personalized fanny pack all from the same place!

Below is the official fanny pack. To listen to the complete interview and to learn about the newest deal involving the Lily & David stores, click on the link below.



fanny pack 2
fanny pack











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