Planet Earth is celebrating the 50th year that Wayne Gretzky has graced it with his presences. The Great One has meant allot to the world of hockey, and by proxy meant a lot to the fan in me.

Weather he was scoring 92 goals in a season or just scoring one of the biggest goals in hockey history in the 1987 Canada Cup. Wayne is like Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Dale Earnhardt combined into one totally dominate force known simply as “The Great One”. This guy was so good that every NHL team has retired his Jersey in fear that he could comeback at any time and crush them all.

The man just secretes awesomeness, giving thumbs up to the entire nation of Canada after marrying a true hottie (even by today’s standards). He Broke and entire nations hearts when he came to America and inspired a nation to take hockey form places where hockey is played and put them in Florida so every American could see the Great One.

He stared in my favorite Saturday morning cartoon”Pro-Stars” (where he played Wayne Gretzky, I know a stretch right). He is involved in one of the most iconic film scenes in the 1990’s. I don’t think I need to name the movie, all I need to say is “I’m gonna make little Wayne’s head bleed for Super fan number 99”.

He changed Hockey and the NHL for the better over his years as a pro. He holds virtually every scoring record and has lifted the cup enough to increase his bench. He was a hero in a sport that needed a hero to grow.

Now he is gone and has been for more then a decade, in that time the sport fell so far off the charts it was getting bumped for bull riding coverage. Now the sport is on an up tick, and Wayne’s legacy continues in the front office and as a member of the Canadian Olympic committee.

So I’m taking my time today to say “Thank you Wayne, Thanks for memories, the time spent entertaining me. Thank you for inspiring me and my friends to pick up a hockey stick and put down the ice fishing rods (you don’t need to hold them any way). Thank you for all the good times. Happy 50th birthday, and may you have another happy 50 years to come.”

P.s.  Thanks for not destroying the Earth by shooting a puck into the Sun causing it to Super Nova. I’m sure you must get that all the time.