Yesterday, a judge essentially said there should be no NFL lockout – and told the players and owners to get back to work.  The NFL owners are now appealing it.

In the meantime, the owners are asking the judge to delay the lockout being lifted while they’re waiting for the appeal to be heard (which could be in a few months).

I’m more confused about the NFL Lockout situation than I ever was before.  What does all of this mean?  Who knows?


The lockout isn't over until the court denies their appeal or until they rule on the appeal. 

The players can go to the teams’ facilities but they can't work out.  So the NFL is saying to the players, "Hey, you can come into our facilities but you can’t work out.  Hey, would you like to help me file some paperwork instead?"

Until Roger Goodell vs. DeMaurice Smith shake hands and stand on the same podium wiggling and giggling, this labor strife isn't over.

There still isn’t an agreement because the sides still aren’t talking.  Player benefits, free agency, revenue sharing, collective bargaining and rookie salary cap - that’s all still up in the air.

Again, the judge lifted the lockout (ish) but only made it more confusing.  Are you with me?

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