The longest zipline in the United State is over one mile long, and it is just a short drive from the Capital Region in Massachusetts.

If you are an adventure buff, you are probably always on the hunt for your next new thrill to enjoy in the Capital Region. How does 5,523 long zip-line sound to fill that need for adventure? Or maybe like me, you are into crazy amusement rides but like a thrill but that does not seem too crazy? This could be perfect for you as well!

Longest Zipline in the United States

It tunes out the longest zipline in the country is only about a one-hour drive from Albany at Catamount Mountain Resort in the Berkshires near Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Yes, Catamount offers great local skiing in the winter, but also has one of the region's largest aerial parks which includes the Catamount ZipTour: a zipline that is over 1 mile long. Otherwise known as the Catamontster, it is just the length of this thrill ride: it also features a one thousand foot drop, allowing riders to build plenty of momentum to zip the over 5,500 feet of cable.

You can watch the thrill ride for yourself below. And could you think of a better way to take in that Beautiful Berkishre Mountain landscape or even the fall foliage? I think not.

Identify These Capital Region Landmarks From Satellite Photos

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