As I was watching the Sunday blitz with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson an interesting question fell from the lips of Berman. Why do so many people hate Tim Tebow? I don't mean not like Tebow as a QB but flat out hope he fails big time. The answer is easy for me - while  there is much discussion about race in this country in my opinion the biggest bias is against Christians and those who are pro life then any bias against any person of color.

Myself  I am not enamored with Tebow as a QB. his mechanics are not made for full time NFL QB but he his a winner in life and at a time when parents have to be careful about who their kids idolize Tim Tebow is an athlete who won't disappoint your youngsters. Just imagine Mike Vick's talent with Tim Tebow's intangibles and big heart. I don't think Tebow will be a good QB but I do think he can be a good player if he is open to becoming a slash type and utilizing his talents and huge heart and will to succeed. The haters will always be there as long as Tebow preaches a pro life, pro Christian belief but the football haters will grow to admire Tebow as a winner in life

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