Stop me if you've heard this before, but 2020 is a tough year and it provides challenges most of us have never encountered before. If you still find yourself traveling you'll need to take extra precautions. The TSA has released a list of tips to help you navigate holiday travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and I have added some tips of my own to hopefully make the old cliche of "Half the fun is getting there" true.

TSA: Arrive early due to enhanced screening and don't assume there will be fewer travelers than years past.

Levack: Definitely get to Albany International early! It's the only place in the Capital Region you can get Chic-Fil-A (unless you're flying on a Sunday then just do what the TSA said)

TSA: Wear your mask at all times unless asked by a TSA official to adjust it for ID or screening purposes.


TSA: Maintain social distancing of six feet whenever possible.

Levack: Remember that lines aren't as long as they look right now due to social distancing. Keep calm and travel on.

TSA: Travlers and TSA agents are asked to maintain good hygiene such as washing hands and using hand sanitizer. TSA agents are required to change their gloves between each pat-down and upon request of the traveler.

TSA guidelines

For the full list of TSA recommendations and guidelines click HERE.

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