What if I told you there was a thing called a "Deep Fried Turkey Pillow" and it's actually way cooler than you think? I understand your skepticism! My first thought after reading that fast-food chain Arby's was selling a Deep Fried Turkey Pillow was "do I wear it fresh from the oven?" My second thought was "man I can't wait to eat turkey on Thanksgiving!" Then I stopped drooling and looked up said pillow and now I think I need one.

This is basically a head-sized pillow shaped like a turkey that you wear like a comfy football helmet. So it not only supports your head with comfy stuffing (while your head turns into comfy stuffing) but it covers your ears and eyes allowing you to tune out your relatives post-Thanksgiving dinner! I'm actually super hopeful people start wearing these on airplanes! How awesome would it be if you sat next to a snoring turkey headed traveler? Ok, the snoring part wouldn't be great but the visual would be hysterical! Take a look at this modern marvel of comfort!

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Naps just got a lot crispier. And juicier. Buy it now. https://www.arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.com

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Now it's time for everybody's least favorite game, "Good News Bad News!" First the bad news. The Deep Fried Turkey Pillow is already sold out due to limited supplies and super high demand, but the good news is you can still win one HERE.

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