Okay, let me be upfront. I am not a big Rafael Soriano fan and don't mind that he signed with the Washington Nationals. Soriano gets a two year deal for $28 million from the Washington Nationals. However, the ramifications of this signing could be damaging to the Yankees.

Let me explain. First, on Soriano, I recognize he did a solid job for the Yankees last year saving, perhaps the season after the great closer Mariano Rivera went down injured for the year. My thing is I don't think he is worth that kind of money to be a set up man and, more so, I don't trust him doing it again based on his career. He just isn't my cup of tea. However, it is what might have happened if the Nats didn't sign Soriano that could hurt the Yankees.

Rumors had the Yanks and Nationals talking about a deal. The Nats were dangling what is now extra outfielder Michael Morse to the Yanks in exchange for Boone Logan the relief pitcher. While Logan is a lefty unlike Soriano, it might not have been a lefty/righty thing. they may have been looking for a good arm to go with their already deep bull pen. So my thinking is now that the Nats have no interest in that possible deal and that deal if it went down would be a good thing for the Yanks.

Morse is a big time power hitter and a good contact guy. In other words, he isn't a strike out or home run guy. The problems for Morse are two fold. First, he is a brutal outfielder, but would be an ideal DH and part time fielder against perhaps a ground ball pitcher. Second, Morse isn't needed in Washington because they have a set outfield so it seems. Bryce Harper in left, Denard Span in center and Jayson Werth in right. There is no room for Morse and he is too young to be a bench guy and pinch hitter. He is a very valuable asset for Washington and can bring back something good to the Nats who are in championship contention. I believe they will deal Morse at some point. Signing Soriano seems to alleviate any need for Logan, thus no deal with the Yanks.

The Yanks clearly are in need of some outfield power. GM Brian Cashman has talked about how the Yanks are not, in his words, "a team that will be bunting a lot" and he made no secret of his desire for the Yanks to be a home run hitting team. Right now, their starting outfield looks like Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Ichiro Suzuki. Two thirds of that outfield doesn't hit with power which, if Cashman is taken at his word, is not the type of club he envisions or wants.

So, in losing Soriano, which is okay by me, they may have lost out in going hard after Morse and, in my view, that is the big loss with Soriano signing with Washington.