The NBA has announced the All NBA teams today and this shoudldn't come as a shock to anyone, there are no New York Knicks on the First, Second OR Third team. That could change sooner than later. There are key free agents that the Knicks are already rumored to have a serious shot at signing on the All NBA teams.

The ALL NBA first team is interesting and at some other time we can argue if they're the correct five players but none of them are set to be free agents this season so let's move on to the Second Team. Here's where the big time highly valued free agents the Knicks will want are. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving are 3/5 of this team and all have been rumored to the Knicks at one time or another. The Third team is where you find Kemba Walker so between the Second and Third teams the Knicks could add two ALL NBA players when Free Agency begins on July 1st.

I'm hoping those two free agents are Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker. I'd also be thrilled with Kevin Durant and Kemba(or Kyrie Irving if I have to). The important part is the team lands two of the top four free agents who also happen to be ALL NBA Second and Third team guys.

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