Every city has its good neighborhoods, and conversely, every city has its neighborhoods that are going through tougher times. The City of Albany is no stranger to this phenomenon, and recently-released statistics have shown which Albany neighborhoods are going through tougher times than others.

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Data Reveals Albany's Ten Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Entering 2023

A report from the online resource AreaVibes broke down data shared by the FBI on the safety and livability of every neighborhood in the City of Albany, New York. The report used the data to generate letter grades for each neighborhood, grading aspects of life in each area including amenities, cost of living, and most importantly, crime.

These statistics were used to determine which of the neighborhoods in Albany could be considered the most dangerous in the city entering the new year.

Before we share the results of the research, I wanted to share a thought on the subject matter itself. This story isn't meant as an insult in any capacity, but rather, it's meant to be an opportunity to learn more about Albany, and the many communities within its limits.

Also, statistics tell part of the story, but not all of it, which is another important detail to keep in-mind. Just because a crime rate statistic on a webpage suggests that a neighborhood may be dangerous, doesn't mean that the same neighborhood cannot improve, or isn't improving already.

Now, let me remove myself from my soapbox. Thank you for your time.

With that being said, here are the ten neighborhoods in Albany, New York, that are considered to be most dangerous entering 2023.

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