They say that age is just a number and for the most part I agree. Can you imagine turning 100, 110 or even 368 years old? Not likely for us humans but there are places around New York State and right here in the Capital Region that have stood the tests of time.

Here are some of the oldest buildings, businesses and bridges of New York State.

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Recently I had dinner in a castle, Beardslee Castle, in Little Falls, NY. that was built in the late 1800's. While I was sitting there I started to wonder which other buildings and businesses might be among the oldest in New York State.

Take a look at these three locations, all within the Capital Region, that are some of the oldest places in New York and the country!

OLDEST BRIDGE IN NEW YORK STATE - According to This Is Cooperstown, built in 1825, the Hyde Hall Covered Bridge is not only the oldest bridge in New York State, it is also the oldest bridge in the United States. You can find it at 1527 County Highway 31 in Cooperstown, NY.


OLDEST BARBERSHOP IN NEW YORK - Have you been to Wedgeway Barbershop at 128 Erie Boulevard in Schenectady? What are you waiting for? The shop's Facebook page indicates that this is the oldest, continuously operating barbershop in New York at 110 years old! Stop in for a cut and check out it's antiques and artifacts.

Photo by Lainie Rae
Photo by Lainie Rae

OLDEST STORE IN NEW YORK - Well, almost. In 1907 the Northville, NY 5 & 10 cent store opened and is the oldest, continuously operating, 5 & Dime in NY and the United States. The oldest general store is the St. James General Store, which opened in 1857, on Long Island.

Last but not least, the oldest city in New York is ALBANY!

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