Last Friday night I went down to Madison Square Garden to see my lowly New York Rangers play against the Montreal Canadians. I knew the game wasn't going to be very good because the advertising for the game was completely centered around the fact that this was "an original six matchup." Yes, OK, that is a draw, but you know if the Rangers were even a little good this year it would have been something better than that.

First, the good news. The Rangers actually have some pretty good young players and played a really excellent first period before falling apart in the second and losing the lead on a terrible bounce. They made it close in the end and the game was competitive.

I had seats up at in the Skybridge. If you haven't been to Madison Square Garden, the Skybridge is way up in the upper deck. But the view you get of the ice from up there is unbelievable. In between the second and third period I decided to take a panoramic shot of the arena from my seat and in the middle of the shot, they turned the lights out in the arena. So, this is what I ended up with:


We had a lot of fun and I would definitely get tickets in the Skybridge again if and when I go to see another hockey game there. I'll just try not to let me photo get ruined next time.

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