Have you ever wanted to own one of New York's most iconic sports venues, but just can't seem to find them anywhere on Realtor.com? We might have the solution to you, even if it's only hypothetical, for the time being.

Typically speaking, major sports venues like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium don't hit the "open market" of the real estate world. These immaculate buildings are constructed through the funding of billionaires, with the help of state funds, and are often owned by the same party for a very long time.

But, what if that wasn't the case? What if we all woke up, and there were "for-sale" signs in front of New York's most famous stadiums?

How much would each of these buildings be worth in the real estate world, and would you have enough money to make one of them your own? Through information put together by Empire Stakes in a recent study, we answered those questions below. Scroll to see how much your favorite New York sports venue is worth.

Want to Own These Iconic New York Sports Venues? It'll Cost You This Much!

Are you interested in owning one of New York's most famous sports venues? If they were ever put on the market, this is how much they would cost.
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