Tim Capstraw is the Brooklyn Nets Radio analyst and has been laser focused on the Brooklyn Nets all season. When he had some time to watch the Atlanta Hawks play the New York Knicks in their first round matchup yesterday, he was impressed in Kevin Huerter. Capper was very focused on the trust given to Huerter in inbounding the basketball from Head Coach Nate McMillan and let the audience know that it is not an easy thing to do. Huerter was able to make sure that Trae Young got the ball in his hands and Young eventually hit the game-winning shot. For that and more from the Capper, listen above and see some other highlights below:

  • The biggest compliment you can give a player is inbounding the basketball. It is usually a player that is 35 years old who just really understands the game. It is a big acknowledgement of his IQ, feel for the game and trust the head coach has for him. It seems like a little thing but it is of incredible importance.
  • For the Brooklyn Nets, Tim thinks chemistry can be a little overrated of a word especially when they have as much talent as they do. The superstars have a great feel for the game and can get the job done on their talent. Maybe they can gain more chemistry in their series against Boston but they should be able to get past the Celtics without the chemistry "so called" problem coming into play.

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