Within the wrestling community, there are few bigger stars right now that Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

A member of All Elite Wrestling since 2019, "MJF" has become one of the most popular, and polarizing, personalities in wrestling. Described as an exceptionally arrogant, snobby, bratty, and generally completely unlikable jerk, he has become one of the most notable villains in recent memory in wrestling.

The notorious wrestler isn't making any friends in Upstate New York anytime soon, either, based on what he just said about the region on a podcast.

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AEW Wrestler MJF Calls Buffalo, Upstate NY "Dumpster Fire" in Interview

A video began circulating around social media over the weekend showing an interview clip from Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast with wrestler MJF. The clip began with Dan "Big Cat" Katz referencing a clip from a recent wrestling match, in which Maxwell Jacob Friedman was wearing a Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen jersey.

Here's the clip of MJF wearing the jersey, and what he did to it after removing it:

Naturally, this upset pretty much everyone from Upstate New York and the Buffalo area. Yes, I understand that he's a "heel" in wrestling, so he's supposed to upset as many viewers as possible. All that said, I was left asking myself: hey man, what did Buffalo and Josh Allen ever do to you?

Big Cat asked the question we all wanted an answer to, and MJF did not hold back a bit when answering:

@pardonmytake AEW wrestler MJF hates the city of Buffalo #fyp ♬ original sound - pardonmytake

Ironic to call Upstate New York anything fire-related after the snow that hit the area last week, but I digress.

It's a wild statement for MJF to make, but one that's not uncommon for people from Upstate to hear. The general stereotype about the Empire State is this: New York City is amazing, and everything else above it is useless.

I don't subscribe to that theory, but people from other states definitely do. MJF appears to be one of those people, and as you can see below, he's often able to back up his words with his wrestling skills:

Let's be real about this: what MJF said doesn't actually mean anything. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is an outstanding entertainer, and clearly, knows exactly what buttons to push in order to get a group of people stirred up into a frenzy.

He went with a common stereotype about the area, but didn't provide any examples for why he feels the way he does. He's doing a bit, and a pretty funny one at that.

Frankly, it's a hilarious clip, and one that certainly got people talking, which is always the ultimate goal in the professional wrestling industry. I'm not sure when the AEW tour makes its way up to Buffalo, but the next time it does, a chorus of boos will follow MJF everywhere he goes.

And that's just how he likes it.

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