This story is proof-positive of one thing...there is still some good left in the sports world.

To tell this story, I have to back up a bit before I can move forward. Moments before the NCAA women's golf championships began, officials announced to a crowd of eager golfers that the course was "playable, but not at a championship level" and that the tournament would be cancelled.

Here's the video in question...

Enter Barstool Sports, and specifically, Sam "Riggs" Bozoian.

Let me include this quickly. This is not meant as pro or anti-Barstool. This is simply something I want to include on your timelines, and in your daily reading, to spread awareness about a positive story in the sports world. That's all.

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So, Barstool and Riggs announce the creation of the "Let Them Play Classic" tournament, and invite representatives from the teams that were supposed to participate in the tournament to join them in Arizona. Here's the announcement video...

Then began the real work for the organizers. Gaining permission from the NCAA was the first hurdle, following which they had to secure a location, and organize the field of golfers. All of this came together, quite quickly, I might add.

Everyone arrived in Arizona, and met together as a group before the event began...

Then this morning, around 7:30AM MST, Amanda Tully tee'd off to begin the tournament...

If you'll notice, Riggs announced Amanda Tully, of Quinnipiac University. As my alma mater, it gives me a great deal of gratitude that this event was organized, and that my little school in Connecticut is represented among the nation's best.

Let 'em play, folks!

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