A large number of New York drivers, in the range of 50,000, are at-risk of having their licenses suspended on Friday, December 1st. The only way to avoid being a part of this mass-suspension is to complete a task, one that was omitted from the renewal process during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New York Drivers At-Risk of Having License Suspended on December 1st

A story from New York Upstate shared that upwards of 50,000 drivers in New York are at-risk of having their licenses suspended on Friday, December 1st. Drivers whose licenses expired between March 1, 2020 and Aug. 31, 2021, otherwise known as the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, are the ones who are currently at-risk.

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Those drivers were allowed to renew their licenses online at the time, a process which forced the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to forego the vision test requirement that comes with license renewal.

Drivers were given a full year to retroactively submit vision test results to the DMV. That year-long window closes at the end of November, and according to CBS News, over 50,000 drivers have still not done it.

If I Still Need to Submit Vision Test Results, What Do I Do?

Naturally, the follow-up question to this information would be this: well, what am I supposed to do now?

Drivers in New York have two options. First, you can go to your local DMV office and have a vision test completed during your visit. The second option, meanwhile, is to go to a DMV-approved vision care provider, complete a vision exam, and have the results sent to the DMV.

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NY Upstate also notes that, if you have a non-approved vision specialist, you can ask them to complete a test report and give it to you, which you can then submit electronically or by mail.

Regardless of the option you choose, you'll need to do it quickly!

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