Your next trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles may have just gotten a whole lot easier. You're welcome, New York.

In all seriousness, the New York DMV announced a policy change on Tuesday, one that will make it much easier for residents of the Empire State who need to make a critical upgrade to their personal identification in the coming months.

Want to skip the line and only have to visit your local DMV once to complete this? As of Tuesday, you're in luck.

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New York DMV Updates Policy for Residents Acquiring "REAL ID"

A story from ABC News10 in Albany shared an update from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, one which informed residents of the new process through which they can obtain their new REAL ID.

Previously, residents were forced to make multiple trips to the DMV in order to update their ID. One would have to go to a local DMV office to fill out paperwork for the pre-screening process (like an application form, proof of residency and proof of identification), then return to the DMV after their paperwork was approved or denied.

Now, that pre-screening process can be done online. Residents will be able to submit those documents via a web portal, and a DMV representative will review them remotely, and provide them with feedback.

From there, it's one single trip to the DMV, and you'll be walking out with your updated ID.

New Yorkers are encouraged to go through this process by May 7, 2025, at which point anyone 18 and older flying domestically will need a REAL ID or a REAL ID-compliant document in order to board a plane.

Obtaining the REAL ID is free of charge if your license is up for renewal. You will be charged a small fee if you choose to update it before the renewal date. You can find more information this process by clicking here.

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