As we get ready for the best event in golf, in my opinion, which is the Ryder Cup, to be contested next weekend at Medina Country Club, the gauntlet has been thrown down by the great Greg Norman. He claims Tiger Woods is intimidated by Rory McIlroy!

With the PGA heading down to its final event in the playoffs, it appears Rory will win the big prize of 10 million dollars. He has won three of the last four PGA events. He has two majors to his name, one this year. The stats all look like Norman, known as the Shark in his hay day, is correct.

Yet I wouldn't make a bet against Tiger! I have never been a Tiger-holic, so to speak. I like watching him play and admire him on the course, but he was never my favorite. That is reserved for "lefty" Phil Mickelson.

With that said, I don't think Tiger's days as the dominant golfer on Tour are near done. He has been erratic and inconsistent for sure. His once dominant putting is now inconsistent. Norman even made reference to it by saying "look at Tiger's putting stroke. It used to be rock solid. Now it changes from Fridays to Saturdays and that comes from pushing too hard, wanting to win that major so bad."

All of this seems true. But I can't fathom that Tiger is intimidated by a 23 year old Englishman, even with all of the talent McIlroy possesses.

We can only hope as golf fans that these two get to meet in the Sunday singles of the Ryder Cup, where the matches are at the most intense in all of golf. Then perhaps Norman can be proven right (or wrong).