The Jets are going to be so bad next season and it won't be the fault of head coach Todd Bowles. He's not the one responsible for the recent purge of veterans that has left the Jets with a team that can't possibly win games next season. They are already the laughing stock of the NFL. One can only hope that Bowles gets a free pass, making him the scapegoat wouldn't be fair.

It's rare to see a lame duck NFL head coach, but that's exactly what Bowles will be next season if something of an extension isn't signed before the end of the 2017 season. No reasonable owner or GM can judge Bowles' effectiveness as a head coach on wins and losses this coming season, but he will get a chance to prove whether he can bring along young, talented players like Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams and, in turn, if he's the right man to lead the Jets into the future.

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