A very cute three-year-old girl does an adorable job of breaking down a brutal call in the Outback Bowl.

Referee Jeff Maconaghy made a brutal error during the Outback Bowl.  The official signaled a first down when the Michigan Wolverines were clearly short of the line to gain.  South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier went nuts on the sideline.  The measurement occurred just in front of the often-excited head coach.

This adorable three-year-old girl agrees with Spurrier in a much more laid-back manner.  The girl clearly points out that Michigan should not have been granted a first down.  It’s a very funny video that makes me think that if I ever have a daughter, I can completely envision her breaking down situations like this in a similar manner.

The blown call didn’t hurt South Carolina too badly.  The Gamecocks were able to pull out the win against Michigan 33-28.

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