The NBA Draft is all about potential.  Unlike the "win now" and next year theory of the NFL Draft, the NBA Draft is all about two years from now and beyond, unless of course you are getting LeBron James.  Who are some "lock" future stars in this league out of this year's draft?  I have five and here they are.

  1. Ben McLeMore, Kansas SG.  McLemore is a perfect wing player in today's NBA at 6'5 and can really shoot it.  He should go in the Top 5 and would be a perfect fit for Orlando at #2, a team that needs to figure out its backcourt situation moving forward.  
  2. Otto Porter, Georgetown, SF.  Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim praised Porter in March at the Big East Tournament in New York by saying Porter is the greatest small forward the league had ever seen.  Uh, coach, Carmelo Anthony helped win you a title.  Either way, Porter is so ready to be an NBA star.  He played in big games in college, can score inside and out, runs the break, is an outstanding passer and plays elite, quick defense, which separates him from other forwards in this draft.  He is Top 5 material for sure.  The perfect fit is #3 to Washington to play for the Wizards because they need frontcourt help.  After all, he knows the building, right?
  3. Victor Oladipo, Indiana, SG.  High character.  Big time defender.  Plays above the rim.  What is not to like?  Oladipo can play the two spot but could be used as a stretch three.  The Indiana product is perfect at #5 to the Suns as that team needs to get more athletic.
  4. Anthony Bennett, UNLV, PF.  Explosive.  Powerful.  Big time body that is ready for NBA banging.  But Bennett is a little slow of foot and lacks side-to-side defensive skill, plus he needs to work on his jump shot and offensive moves in the post.  No one knows what to make of him yet.  But you cannot argue with the make-up.  Good coaching will make him into something with the right team.  Think David West in four years if everything goes right.  Bennett shouldn't fall past #8. 
  5. Trey Burke, Michigan, PG.  The ultimate fast break player.  Burke has outstanding court vision, passing ability and heart.  He wants the ball in big spots and is fearless.  Burke should be a very good player for years to come. The Michigan star could go as high as #2 to Orlando or as low as #8 to Detroit, who desperately needs a point guard.  The Pistons, however, could select Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams in that spot because MCW is five to six inches taller than Burke and has a more polished skill set as a passer, not a scorer.  But the Pistons will decide which skill set is better for them at that position moving forward and that decision will dictate their pick.  

By:  Mike Lindsley, "Mid-Day with Mike," Yankees pre/post game host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Follow him on Twitter at    

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